I Love Lucy Christmas Special


Aired December 23, 2015

The colorized one-hour “I Love Lucy Christmas Special” was actually comprised of two classic episodes run back-to-back. In “The Christmas Episode” Ricky and Lucy prepare young Ricky Jr. for Christmas with help from Fred and Ethel Mertz. After Little Ricky goes to bed, Fred brings over a Christmas tree that Lucy instantly deems unsymmetrical. She forces Fred to start sawing off extraneous branches, until ultimately, the tree has been sawed so much that a new tree is needed. During all the hacking, Lucy and the gang engage in nostalgia by recalling past episodes of their lives together, which are relived with scenes from actual past episodes of the show, complete with the harp-string musical cues and blurred out transitions.

And so they go on to recall/relive the time when Lucy revealed to Ricky at his club that she was pregnant, as well as the time when Lucy and the gang performed a barbershop quartet skit on Ricky’s fictionalized TV show. Their memory of the time when Lucy was ready to give birth brought the most slapstick moments of the episode as Ricky and the Mertzes rehearsed the steps they would take in order to get Lucy to the hospital, only to completely bungle the process once the actual moment arrived. Though the older skits were heart-warming and amusing, it did feel like a bit of a cheat to fill in a Christmas episode with scenes from previous episodes.

Regardless, Lucy and the gang carry on with their nostalgia as they decorate the new tree, and when the time comes for one of them to dress as Santa, magic happens. Each of them had planned to dress as Santa, only to find the real St. Nick among them.

It was a cute episode clearly designed to reinforce the belief in kids of Santa’s existence (as if there was any doubt). This time capsule of an era-gone-by reminded us that once upon a time phones were tethered to wall jacks (with no call-waiting—the horror!) and smoking was not a big deal on a family show (and likely encouraged by cigarette sponsors). The humor wasn’t as grand or apparent as it is in most I Love Lucy episodes, but there was abundant heart, warmth, and feel-good moments that make this a winner for long-time fans of the show, and a must-see for kids of a certain age.   

The second half of the special featured the classic episode, “Lucy Does a TV Commercial,” in which Lucy connives her way into starring as spokeswoman for a sponsored health tonic to air during Ricky’s TV show. Her usual kooky way of attaining a goal leads Lucy to an unexpected complication:  she must rehearse her commercial over and over while each time ingesting a sample of the health tonic which happens to be 23 percent alcohol. Lucy eventually becomes smashed and interferes drunkenly with her husband’s show.

This was more typical of the zaniness we remember from the series. Lucy’s daring to dream big, and her tenacity to go after what she wanted provided the opportunity for unexpected complications to arise in which her reactions brought most of the laughs. The ability to deliver a loveable persona while engaging in physical slapstick makes Lucy an all-time great character, and the show an all-time great series.

This one-hour special may not be the perfect representation of the show’s overall greatness, but it was still entertaining and a fun walk down TV’s memory lane.



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